Event Management Solutions
The system gives YOU complete control from the web

Below is an overview of the steps you will take

Edit details for your event
Add classes to your event
Add or edit Attendants to your event
Add, edit or print badges to your event
Upload Attendant Barcodes
Add, edit or email Certificates for your event
Add or edit Evaluations for your event
Dashboard details for your event

Before the Conference

  1. Upload your attendee's & course information
  2. Use our program to automatically generate badges with your own logo
  3. Simply print the badges on common Avery badge templates. See sample badge below!
Sample Badge

During the Conference

  1. Use a simple barcode scanner to scan each participant after a session concludes. These scanners can be reasonably rented or purchased from us.

After the Conference
  1. Easily upload the barcode information on the system.
  2. Each certificate is customizable to meet your needs and will contain your logo, best of all the email shows that it comes from you, keeping your brand identity!
  3. Then let the program create all the certificates for you. The certificates will be emailed out to participants. If your participants don't have an email address, the system will sort them for you so you can quickly mail them out.
  4. If you have the evaluation feature as well please read below.

Sample Certificate


  1. If you need evaluations for your event. This system is right for you. Simply upload your questions.
  2. Then select if they are a general question for everyone to get or a class specific question.
  3. When you certificate email goes out your participants will be asked to complete an evaluation. They will only get evaluation questions for the classes that they attended.
  4. After the evaluation is completed they will be linked to their certificate for the conference and also email them a copy.

Other Information
Go to our login page and create an account and see it for yourself with no charge.
Looking for another report? Many other customized reports can easily be created with the data

Contact us if you have more question or for a live demo.

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