Event Registration

About Us

Event Management Solutions, LLC started as ideas were drawn on the back of a rhythm strip
(no patients were harmed in the process).

It had become clear that our paper method to track attendees was not very efficient.

  • We spent countless hours preparing for the conference.
  • impossible hours setting up the conference.
  • Long days managing the conference.
  • Long nights going over sign-in sheets.
  • Going through an overwhelming flood of evaluation data and calls for lost certificates.
  • Mailing out 100's of certificates.
  • Illegible handwriting.
  • Painful questions. Wait, did I already count that stack? Whoa, is that even a word?

Our idea seemed simple... Build a user-friendly interface that would allow anyone to easily track attendees for their conference.

After looking for a solution to tackle all of these issues it was clear we needed to build this from the ground up.

The team used their experience in Healthcare, automation and conference management to create EMS Scanning.

Let us help make your next conference a success by removing as much of the burden as we can.