Event Registration

EMSScanning Frequently Asked Questions

We can create several different sizes and types. ID Cards, Avery pouches and stick on labels. Contact us for your needs and we will work to create a solution that works for you.
We do. We sell ID badge printers and card stock. Check out our store for more information
Yes, we have areas at the header and the footer to add specialized information to the certificate.
This is all customized by the event organizer. You supply the question and possible responses including defined and open text responses.
Each question can be general-event or course-specific.
We offer several types by default using our web-based setup. Those are...
1-5 Agree -> Disagree
1-5 Agree -> Disagree with N/A option
1-5 Good -> Poor
1-5 Good -> Poor with N/A option
Yes / No
Yes / No / N/A
Custom responses are also available
This is where our product shines. Attendees only get course questions based on the courses they attended only.
Although we do offer a clean, integrated registration package, we can work with most registration systems. Contact us for details.
Yes! Multiple people can register and complete the transaction with one credit card charge.
We work with many events that don't have their own Merchant account. We can handle the registration and issue you a check for the funds.
Yes, we can work with you to get your vendor or exhibitor registration site setup. This site can have many different flexible options or can be very simple.
We can set your registration site up to allow credit card payment and/or invoicing. You have the option to choose what you think will work best.
Our software was created for all conference types. We initially built this for an EMS conference and the creators have been in EMS for years. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with your conference needs.
Our per person charging is based on how many certificates are created.
Yes we have an app that vendors can use for lead tracking. We also have the ability to rent barcode scanners to vendors to track leads as well.
Scanners are available for rent. We typically rent Opticon 2004 scanners. These scanners come preprogrammed setup and ready to use. We also rent scanners for use outside conference tracking. Contact us for more information.
Our simple web based program adds a barcode to the participants name badge. Each participant just gets scanned with a small handheld scanner at the end of each course. The system will give them the appropriate credit for the courses they attended.
Our integrated system will also tie evaluation questions to the sessions attended. The good news is it also tabulates those evaluations and build a report of the results for the conference planning committee.
Yes! We will work with you to get those signatures added to the certificate.
Yes, we will work with you to get a design in place prior to your event. Depending on the design a small setup fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.
No, we will work with you prior to the event to make sure you feel comfortable with the system. We have support available by phone or email for your event as well. If you desire we can provide onsite support. Contact us for more information.
The annual subscription terms are defined to only use this for the conferences you host. We will work with you on a re-seller cost if that's something you would like to do.