Event Registration

Before the Event

Set up your event

  • Event name
  • Event dates
  • Event location

Set up your registration (add-on)

  • Standard & specialized fields
  • Specialized responses
  • Take credit card payment
        (including apple pay)
  • Send/track invoices

Set up your courses

  • Course name
  • Course date and time
  • Course CE credits

Set up your evaluations

  • Custom evaluation questions
  • Customized eval response choices
  • Question type
        General Event
        Course Specific

Upload* your attendants

  • Attendant name
  • Attendant email
  • multiple custom fields
  • * automatic entry using our integrated registration

Print attendant badges

  • Specialized formatting
  • multiple choices of badge media

During the Event

Track Attendants

  • Scan attendants following courses*
        (can also track in/out times)
  • Focus on the rest of your event

After the Event

Closeout Event

  • Upload remaining scanners
        You can also upload following each course
  • Send evaluation request emails
        Send a few or send them all
  • Watch in real-time your evaluation feedback
  • View course attendance reports